25 January, 2010

Simple Origami Box

This is actually from a post on my other blog.  I thought it would be fun to share!

This is the favor box that I wanted to create for my wedding reception.  However, I designed and handmade all of the save-the-dates, invitations/envelopes, and ceremony programs (my husband, mom, and MIL helped put the invitations together), and my mom created and handmade the rehearsal dinner invitations.
Making the favor boxes would have been way too time consuming for our entire guest list!  Making one box for this challenge only took me about 5 minutes.  It is a simple origami project that I use frequently in my work.  I am a therapist and work with children ages 5 to 18.  For work, this box is typically used as 1. an anger box, 2. a container for emotions, and 3. personal thoughts.  Although this is how I implement the box in my work, this box can be used for anything!  Click HERE for the instructions (images included)!


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