14 April, 2010

Purse Cake

Last week was my administrative assistant's birthday!  I know she loves purses and has a large collection of them!  So, I thought, "What better way to say 'Happy birthday,' than to make a purse cake for her!  This cake is actually easier than I had thought! 

The instructions for the cake can be found by clicking HERE.  You will see that I used purple icing instead of pink.  I was told that Trudy likes purple the best, so that is the color I created!  I also didn't buy any green fruit leather.  I made my leaves out of green melting chocolate.  This cake was fun to make, and it was such a simple task to put such a great smile on someone's face!

02 February, 2010

Selective Color for Photoshop

I have had several people asking me how to do selective color in Photoshop.  The following is detailed instruction on how I do selective color in Photoshop... it is not your typical way, but it works for me!

Step One:
Open Photoshop

Step Two:
Open whatever photo you want to alter

Step Three:
I immediately save the photo as something different so that I don't lose the original image. For example, I will save this first image as Feet01.


Step Four:
Click on "Image" in the tool bar, scroll down to "Adjustments," and click on Hue/Saturation."

Step Five:
Keep the Hue and Lightness at 0. Change the Saturation to -100. Click "Ok."

Step Six:
I would then save this black and white image as "Feet02." Minimize "Feet02" so it will be available, as it will be used in a little bit.


Step Seven:
Go back to the first saved image, "Feet01."

Step Eight:
Use the "Magic Eraser" tool to delete large portions of the background. Do not delete the portion of the image that you want to keep color. This tool does not delete everything, so once you delete the larger portions, you can then Zoom in as close as you like and use the regular "Eraser" tool to erase the excess color. You can change the brush size in ordre to delete small details!

This is the image after using the "Magic Eraser" tool.

This is the image after using the regular "Eraser" tool. I would save this as "Feet03."

Step Nine:
With "Feet03" still open, click on "Select" in the tool bar. Scroll to and click "All." Click "Edit" in the tool bar. Scroll to and click "Copy."

Step Ten:
Maximize "Feet02." Click "Layer" in the tool bar. Scroll to "New" and click "Layer." Name the new layer and click "Ok."

Step Eleven:
Click "Edit" in the tool bar. Scroll to and click "Paste." Your "Feet03" should paste into the new layer. Using the "Move Tool," move your color image to where you would like it, and so that it matches up with the background image. I would save this as "Feet04." Once I saved this, I would go back and delete all the other images I saved, as I would not really need them on my computer. Here is the final image:


Like I said before, this is not your typical way of doing this! It is just how I decided to do it because it works for me! If you have any questions, let me know! The images print out nicely too... I just received ordered prints last week!  These steps seem tedious and long. But they really aren't once you get used to it! 

Good luck!

27 January, 2010


Angie Kindig!  She is the featured artist today!  Angie makes handmade paper crafts; cards, scrapbook pages, gift bags, wedding table numbers, etc.  If you can name it, she has probably made it.  This is a Valentine's Day basket she has made.  You can place candy, a small candle, or anything else you can think of that will fit in it!

Here is what Angie has to say about her Valentine's Day basket:
I made this at Kim Osmanski's Card Club. I first used the Scallop Circle die and cut three with the Pretty in Pink card stock. Using the With All My Heart Stamp set, I stamped the circles using Real Red and then sponged the edges. Just fold the circles in half and slide them together to form a heart. For the handle, cut a circle out of the scallop circle and adhere to the inside of the heart. The Love you Much stamp set is used and then punched out with the Scallop Punch and the 1&1/4 circle punch and then embellished with Sending Love Brads in Red! Add ribbon to the handle. Very cute!
Stampin' Up Items used:
Pretty in Pink Paper#100459
Love You Much Stamp Set#114756
With All My Heart Stamp Set#118134
Sending Love Brads#117270
Scallop Circle Punch#109043, Scallop Circle Die#113468
Circle Scissors #112530
Sticky Strip#104294 and the Big Shot!

Children's Books

As a child and adolescent therapist, I feel as though I have learned much about childhood development, emotions, behaviors, self-expression, etc.  I have decided that I would take this knowledge and write a children's book.  The story is written.  Now, I have to edit and format the story into a manuscript.  Once this step is complete, I will be sending it off to a publisher.  Why not take all the knowledge we learn throughout our lives and turn it into something more!?!  That is the beauty of creativity!

25 January, 2010

Simple Origami Box

This is actually from a post on my other blog.  I thought it would be fun to share!

This is the favor box that I wanted to create for my wedding reception.  However, I designed and handmade all of the save-the-dates, invitations/envelopes, and ceremony programs (my husband, mom, and MIL helped put the invitations together), and my mom created and handmade the rehearsal dinner invitations.
Making the favor boxes would have been way too time consuming for our entire guest list!  Making one box for this challenge only took me about 5 minutes.  It is a simple origami project that I use frequently in my work.  I am a therapist and work with children ages 5 to 18.  For work, this box is typically used as 1. an anger box, 2. a container for emotions, and 3. personal thoughts.  Although this is how I implement the box in my work, this box can be used for anything!  Click HERE for the instructions (images included)!



Welcome to Mindful Creativity!  The purpose of this blog is to offer creative ideas for any project; design, scrapbooking, fine arts, paper-made projects, etc.  I love to take ideas and turn them into creations!  It is very relaxing for me and when the project is complete, there is a sense of accomplishment!  Come back soon to see some posted ideas!