14 April, 2010

Purse Cake

Last week was my administrative assistant's birthday!  I know she loves purses and has a large collection of them!  So, I thought, "What better way to say 'Happy birthday,' than to make a purse cake for her!  This cake is actually easier than I had thought! 

The instructions for the cake can be found by clicking HERE.  You will see that I used purple icing instead of pink.  I was told that Trudy likes purple the best, so that is the color I created!  I also didn't buy any green fruit leather.  I made my leaves out of green melting chocolate.  This cake was fun to make, and it was such a simple task to put such a great smile on someone's face!


  1. Love the idea! Very creative.
    Check out my facebook page on mindful creativity: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Mindful-Creativity/374406399991?ref=ts

  2. Love this purse! I will commission you to make some at Jackie's Bridal shower!

  3. Wow, love the site Jessica,
    Don't know when you find the time but you do a great job! Love the cake!